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Dear Guests,

As Monachus Hotel & Spa Hotel, since the day we have opened, by international standards completely we fulfill all your health requirements. Our practices are audited and reported by an international independent company (International Hygiene Inspection Service) monthly.


We are aware of the necessity of the precautions of the companies to overcome these challenging days created by the Corona virus (COVID-19), which is being experienced in a universal dimension.


The owners of our hotel are the owners and partners of the Private Mediterranean Hospital, 7 km away from our hotel. This hospital has been serving guests with private international travel insurance and agreement for 27 years in Side and Manavgat region. The Private Mediterranean Hospital was moved to new location in April 2020, started to provide services in a more modern and comfortable manner.


Our Hotel has a Doctor for the specified times from the Private Mediterranean Hospital and a continuously working Nurse .



What we are doing?





The Staff Shuttles used by our employees for arrive to the workplace and leaving there, are disinfected before and after each service. Our employees must use a protective mask during transfers and safe physical distance rule is applied since 50% of the vehicles capacities of shuttles are used.


Our employees undergo general health screening before starting a work and fever measurements are taken with digital thermometers. The staff who have high fever and symptoms related to the disease are not done to the work. Our employees, who don't feel well, has been instructed about don't come to the workplace and actions to be taken.





Guest Rooms of our hotel, Restaurant, Bars, SPA, General Areas, Meeting Halls, WC and all other guest areas , Kitchen areas, Personnel usage areas, offices and warehouses are disinfected with Hydrogen Peroxide based material having known and approved effects in a detailed manner.





We work with Diversey company, which is internationally known for chemical cleaning products, in all our hotels. Diversey Company provide detailed training for our relevant employees at regular intervals. Therefore, it is ensured that proper chemicals are used at the appropriate dose during cleaning. Cleaning procedures are done with proper cleaning materials and different equipment for each area.


Capacity utilization of our elevators is limited so that only 4 people of the same family members group or 2 people who do not know each other can get on it at the same time.




Suitcases and other items will be taken to our hotel by our employees who got necessary training in this regard by being disinfected and sent to guests' rooms safely.


Our guests will undergo a fever measurement on our entrance doors, and in case of a negative situation, this situation will only be shared with them in accordance with the law of the protection of personal data and necessary actions will be taken as written in our action plans.


All measures have been taken to ensure that there is no density at the entrance and exit of our hotel, safe distance ranges are shown and resting areas have been created to be used when it is necessary to wait.


Door cards are prepared and disinfected before our guests arrive to the hotel and will be given to our guests safely in their protective covers. Pens that are given to you to fill in the required documents are disinfected each time. All check-in procedures will be performed by considering the safe physical distance.




Housekeeping employees and managers are working with guest's room cleaning by using mask and disposable gloves.


Effective disinfectant and bleach are used while cleaning the rooms. More attention is paid to the surfaces that are constantly touched by hands, door handles, faucets, telephone handset, television remote control, climate control, light switches, kettles and minibars are also disinfected after being cleaned.


At our hotel, our minibar products are received by being disinfected while they are delivered by suppliers, they are kept in a safe environment and served to our rooms.

Our rooms are aired out for a minimum of 1 hour after they are cleaned and they are subjected to Ozonization routinely.


Room capacity usage is monitored carefully and a room is given as infrequently as possible, and new guests are not accepted for a certain period of time after all cleaning and disinfection procedures are done in the room of the guests who have checked out.


İt was established the Covid-19 (disinfection) team, trained by experts, at our hotel.




Our hotel’s open buffet service system will be decreased to a certain extent, more hygienic and safe materials and equipment will be used in our buffets and they will often be replaced by new ones. Self service won’t be allowed, our responsible employees will be constantly present in the buffet, and they will provide the necessary guidance and service.


Hand disinfection equipment will be available at the entrances of all our Food & Beverage units and there will be responsible employees, who will welcome our guests and provide necessary directiond about capacity utilizations.


In all Food & Beverage units, tables, chairs and sitting distances have been arranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances. The restaurant, bar and general area sizes and capacities of all our hotels are extremely spacious and sufficient.


General cleaning of Food & Beverage areas with tables, chairs, counters, buffets and all other materials will be cleaned properly at the beginning and end of the service and they will be disinfected.




It will be served with materials and items whose safety is already provided or disposable materials and items by creating extremely hygienic conditions in the Turkish baths, Sauna, Massage areas and treatment services.


All of our employees who perform treatments have to follow the rules set by us in order to their personal hygiene before and after each treatment and they will work with masks in dry places.


Usage capacities have been limited according to hygienic conditions in our sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms.


All sports equipment, machines and tools in our Fitness Center have been rearranged at the appropriate distances and they will be disinfected immediately after each use.




New arrangements are made by letting sunbeds wide apart in accordance the safe physical distance rule in our Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool and Beach area.


Our hotel beach and pool areas capacities are more than sufficient.


The ventilation systems of our indoor pool are operate without any problem.


In our hotel, sports and entertainment activities will continue at low capacities and softly in accordance with safe physical distance rules.


Pool cleaning will continue to be carried out in accordance with the chemical values that will not allow any disease or epidemic as usual.





All surfaces and toys in mini clubs and playgrounds will be cleaned and disinfected on a Daily basis, and the necessary attention will be paid to individual and outdoor activities for the health of our children.




In Republic of Turkey, where our hotel is located, it is seen that normalization process has started quickly after extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic experienced worldwide. Because healthcare systems of our country are very prepared and very sufficient for situations like this.


In addition to all this, we continue to support Hygiene Certification program about pandemics that has been decided by competent authorities of Republic of Turkey to be created in accordance with certain criteria and that will be the first in the World and will be given to the tourism establishment by internationally recognized companies.


The transmission of Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic from person to person occurs by means of transmission from an infected person via respiratory droplets or direct contact. Therefore, Guest & Guest, Guest & Employee and Employee & Employee relations are extremely important in accommodation facilities.


As a family of Monachus Hotel & Spa, we hope to meet you in new stories in the most hygienic and safest way with this awareness.



Monachus Hotel & Spa

Hotel Management